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Hive2Home Monthly Delivery Service


Old Fashioned Flagstaff Honey Delivery…

Hive2Home flagstaff honey delivery

What is our Flagstaff honey delivery service all about? Remember the days of yesteryear?  When people were down to earth, and service was personal and friendly?  The milkman would bring fresh dairy right to your doorstep, the arrival of the ice cream man was a neighborhood event, and food was wholesome and natural.  We miss those days.

We want them back.

Part of our mission is to not simply “re-create” those memories, but truly bring a change for the better to our community and world!  Many today have never experienced the true flavor of REAL honey.  Commercialization and processing have stripped so much of the innate goodness and nutritional value away from honey that it’s simply thought of as a cheap sweetener, rather than the nutrient-packed superfood it really is.

We want to change that.

Join the Hive2Home movement and have real honey delivered right to your doorstep!  With this monthly delivery service, we will bring the honey from our hives directly to your doorstep, just as the bees and nature have created it.  Our local bees have always been naturally-raised and our honey is the real deal.  Packed full of nutrients, enzymes, and naturally-beneficial pollen, this is a living food!

We want you to experience it.

Hive2Home flagstaff honey delivery honeycomb

How Hive2Home Flagstaff Honey Delivery Works

Flagstaff Hive2Home Honey Delivery JarsSign up for a monthly Flagstaff honey delivery securely via PayPal subscription.  When you do, we will hand-deliver your first 12oz jar right to your doorstep within a few days.

We will continue bringing you a new jar of honey (and often extra surprises) sometime around the first week of each month, for as long as you maintain the subscription.

With Hive2Home you receive a discount on our honey by avoiding things like shipping or delivery charges.  Our Flagstaff honey delivery radius includes the entire Flagstaff area, not just in the city limits. We also deliver to Kachina Village, Doney Park, Lake Mary, Baderville, and the surrounding areas.

Honey will arrive wrapped in a clear gift bag with twine and will be placed outside of your door, just like the milkman used to do!  Since it is a pure food, honey never spoils.  So even if delivered during the evening it can remain out until morning (or even a few days) without worry.

Flagstaff Hive2Home Honey Delivery Arizona Local Raw Organic Honey With this service, you get to experience a real taste of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona!  Our honey is a blend from our own Flagstaff rescued bees and other trusted natural beekeepers we work with, for maximum floral variety and nutritional benefit.  It may vary in color or taste depending on the time of year and location of the bees.  This is because the bees naturally forage on whatever flowers are available to them at the time.  The nectar they collect has distinct nuances of the flowers they drink from.  Even the time of year and growing season has a huge effect.  This makes the experience all the more fun!

From time to time we will also include little extra goodies to show our appreciation for your support of our bees.  Things like our all-natural lip balms, beeswax candles, soaps, or more may just find their way into your delivery!

Support local beekeeping and enjoy one of the world’s best natural foods.

Join the Hive2Home honey movement today and help make the world a sweeter place…one jar at a time!