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What are “rescued” bees?


“What does rescued bees mean?” 

This is the most commonly asked question we get at places like the Flagstaff Farmer’s Market when we have our booth set up.  The market is a great way to connect with folks in order to share about what we do, and a great venue where we can sell our honey, soaps, lips balm, and more. 

Save the Bees KidsPart of our display is a sign that says: “Honey From Rescued Bees”.  That ALWAYS seems to draw a lot of attention and questions.

You see, unlike most big commercial beekeeping operations that buy their bees from locations across the nation and have them shipped in to replenish their constantly dying hives, all of our bees come locally from honey bee colonies we’ve rescued

Just what does that mean?  Well, whenever folks have a bee problem like a swarm of bees or an established honey bee colony at their house or place of business rather than simply calling the exterminator they give us a call!  We come out to their location to safely remove, rescue, and re-home those bees.  We place the rescued bees into hive boxes so they can continue pollinating for the community and make delicious honey and useful beeswax.

100% of the bees we keep are from rescue operations just like this.  That’s the reason we started this company…to save the bees.  Around the world, bees are in major decline.  Many folks talk about the need to save honey bees, we actually do it!  The sales from our honey, natural lip balms, handcrafted soap, and other products directly support our bee removal and rescue here in Flagstaff and throughout Northern Arizona.

Your purchase and support goes directly to helping save the bees and make the world a sweeter place…one jar at a time!

Honey From Rescued Bees Sign



About the Author
Nate Loper, founder of Royal Kenyon BeeWorks, working to preserve and protect our honeybees around the world—one hive at a time. If he's not out with the bees or in the workshop, you might find him at the Grand Canyon, where he runs rim tours and river trips with Canyon Ministries.