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Our Story - Nate & Hattie Loper

Founders of Royal Kenyon BeeWorks

About our little honeyhome…

Our happy little family lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, in what is arguably the most beautiful place to live in all the state. (Really there’s no argument, it’s settled. Come see for yourself.)

Nate Loper and Hattie LoperCaden Loper and Amelia LoperGrowing up in the mountains of Colorado Nate fell in love with nature and the outdoors.  Little did he know that nearly 5,000 miles away across the Atlantic his next and greatest love was growing up in London and raising animals in the English countryside.  Nate and Hattie met, married, and made the most beautiful little minions you’ll ever see!

Now they live in Flagstaff, AZ, where Nate also spends much of his time leading rim tours and rafting trips through the Grand Canyon, and experiencing the best of God’s creation on trips throughout the southwest, while Hattie takes care of their own little “bees” at home, packages and ships out our orders to bee-utiful people across the nation.

Royal Kenyon BeeWorks was started with the direct desire to help save the world’s honeybees by rescuing and re-homing them.  Instead of folks calling the exterminator to come to kill the bees, they call us.  Lots of folks are talking about saving the bees…we literally do that.  Making the world a sweeter place…one jar at a time!


Nate Loper Grand CanyonHattie LoperCaden Loper and Amelia Loper


Royal Kenyon BeeWorks Flagstaff Honey So why the name “Kenyon”?

It’s a question we sometimes get. So here’s a simple answer.

The word Kenyon is a Celtic and old English surname meaning “golden” or “blonde” and we have a few reasons for why we decided on using this name:

    • This singular word captures the essence and color of both honey and beeswax, two of the most well-known creations from the bee kingdom.
    • It adequately describes our own two lovely "little bees" and their golden locks of flaxen hair.
    • Most importantly it's a cherished family name passed down for numerous generations and bestowed upon the first-born of each generation in our family lineage as a middle name, going back hundreds of years and being one of the oldest names found in jolly old England. God save the queen.


The Art of Beekeeping

We have a passion for protecting and preserving bees, given their many contributions to our world and way of life.  Bees provide much more to us than just honey.  Their pollination alone helps provide 75% of the fruits and vegetables you’ll find in your grocery store, and 2/3 of everything you place in your mouth!  The fact that bees are declining in drastic numbers around the world in recent years should raise an alarm on every continent.  There are ways you can help, both directly and indirectly. 

Beekeeping is in my blood.  My grandfather used to keep bees in his backyard fruit orchards, and I guess I just caught the bug. (Pun intended.)  I’ve traveled from Los Angeles to London and given presentations to different audiences about the beautiful intricacies of bees and their social lives, and have helped to raise awareness of their recent disappearance and what we can do to help.  I would love to come and share with your group sometime soon.  Bees showcase an incredible amount of wisdom and intelligence, and much can be learned from them!

Beekeeping is not about making money.  It’s about doing something that has the potential for a lot of good and making great friends along the way.

It’s relaxation.  It’s patience.  It’s an art.

I hope while you’re here that you have the opportunity and are challenged to glean some, give some, and grow some with regards to what we can learn from these tiny creatures that help fuel the world and our future.

Nate Loper Ireland


Nate Loper

Our Story