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Hands-on Lectures & Talks


Hands-on Educational Lectures and Talks

We would love to come and share about the beauty of bees and their role they play in our world as amazing pollinators and so much more…

Nate Loper Marshall Elementary

Nate sharing with Marshall Elementary school in Flagstaff

Nate Loper Hands-on learning!

Hands-on learning!

Over the years Nate has spoken at numerous schools, colleges, science gatherings, and hobby groups on this and other natural science topics.  These talks can be as simple as 30-minute sessions to well over 2 hours of speaking and hands-on learning!

When we come to speak we’ll often bring lots of “show and tell” examples people can see, smell, taste, and touch for themselves. (After all, wasn’t show and tell your favorite time in school?)

We want people to know the important contributions of bees and the way they reflect the wisdom of their Creator.  No group is too big or too small! Just contact us and let us know how we can help!

Nate Loper speaking in Orange County, CA

Nate speaking in Orange County, CA

Nate Loper Sharing with a group in Los Angeles

Sharing with a group in Los Angeles

We don’t charge a fee for this, only asking that travel expenses outside Flagstaff are covered if possible.  We gladly accept donations to our cause or honorariums for the speaker, but neither of these is expected or necessary.  And we really mean that!

At Royal Kenyon BeeWorks we have a passion for bees and want to share that with you! You’d be amazed to learn all the complexities of bee life and all the various things they make that we use and depend on daily.  Let us come share some of our amazement with you.

Nate Loper Bee Lecture Honeycomb Beeswax