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Honey with Bee Pollen


Great for allergy sufferers or those looking for a superfood boost!


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About our Wildflower Honey with Bee Pollen

honey with pollen flagstaff arizona beesOur Flagstaff area bees have produced some of the best comb-aged wildflower honey around. Our wildflower honey is lightly strained to remove any large particles such as beeswax and honeycomb, but the good stuff stays!  That means our honey still contains beneficial pollen and natural enzymes. Things you usually won’t find with most supermarket honey on the store shelves.

All our bees have come from bee removal rescues we’ve done here in the Flagstaff area, and have always been raised naturally. Meaning no antibiotics, medications, supplements, or force-feeding them corn syrup as a honey replacement like many big commercial beekeeping operations do. Just real bees, doing their natural thing!

Studies have suggested wildflower honey and pollen can do wonders for those suffering from seasonal allergies, and honey is useful for a variety of applications aside from it being amazing on just about anything you eat!

Our wildflower honey and bee pollen is a blend from our own Flagstaff rescued bees and other trusted natural beekeepers we work with, for maximum floral variety and nutritional benefit.

honey with pollen flagstaff arizona bees honeycomb

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Jar style may vary. We often use plastic jars when shipping multiples to avoid breakage. Orders of 24oz honey may be shipped as 2x 12oz jars.